Share|《 Cans 亞洲藝術新聞 》從陳昭宏首度曝光早期作品得到的閱讀
Share|Cans Asia Art News Weighs in on Hilo Chen’s Early Works


《 Cans 亞洲藝術新聞 》從陳昭宏首度曝光早期作品得到的閱讀
Cans Asia Art News Weighs in on Hilo Chen’s Early Works

Each Modern 亞紀畫廊現正展出「陳昭宏:瓦平松的浴女」,重現了這位旅美照相寫實畫家陳昭宏隱藏了半世紀的早期作品,備受各界關注,1月號的《亞洲藝術新聞》也以封面故事專題報導了本展。



– 亞洲藝術新聞總編輯 鄭乃銘

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Each Modern’s current exhibition, “Hilo Chen : The Bather of  Valpinçon” rediscovers the New York-based photorealist’s early works, unseen for half a century. The show, which has attracted a lot interest from all kinds of visitors, is also the featured cover story in January’s issue of CANS Asia Art News magazine.

“These early works completely fill in the blank space of what we know as Hilo Chen’s early works, and at the same time gives those of us who appreciate his work a chance to see how the development of this outstanding artist was by no means mere chance.

Chen’s works are among many abstract from the Ton Fan Group, though only his works are done in the perspective of people, and through figuration, express people in their own time, and the alienation between people. He is unlike any artist of his generation, with his ability to transform the adjective “alienation” into something tangible. At the same time, no one has been able work in the Western context with his same vision; closely tying the compositional space of ink painting into his own practice.”

– CANS Asia Art News Chief Editor, Cheng NaiMing