展訊|鄧南光 : Beauty on a Summer Day
Exhibition | Teng NanKuang: Beauty on a Summer Day

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park, 1960, Gelatin silver print, contact print, mounted on brown paper, handwriting of technical details on verso, 10.8 x 14.8cm

鄧南光:Beauty on a Summer Day
June 9 – July 15 2018

開幕|June 9, Sat. 3PM


Each Modern 亞紀畫廊非常榮幸將於2018年6月9日起展出知名台灣前輩攝影家-鄧南光先生(Teng NanKuang, a.k.a. Deng NanGuang)的vintage原作「Beauty on a Summer Day」,此為家屬-鄧南光長子鄧世光先生所藏,題目取自鄧南光親手寫下的照片題名。展覽並出版同名畫冊。



無論迷你相機作品,或鮮見的早期銀鹽作品,都能讓觀者深刻體會英文裡 a hidden gem的耀眼珍貴-尤其它們這次的重見天日,幾乎已是一甲子後。Each Modern亞紀畫廊盼藉由此展與攝影集,展現關於鄧南光這位重要的台灣前輩攝影家更多藝術史研究與定位的面向,同時提供更多台灣50、60年代歷史的史料-包括攝影史與社會史。


Taipei Children’s Amusement Park, 1960, Gelatin silver print, contact print, mounted on brown paper, handwriting of technical details on verso, 10.8 x 14.8cm

Teng NanKuang: Beauty on a Summer Day
June 9 – July 15 2018

Opening Reception | June 9, Sat. 3PM


Each Modern is pleased to present the exhibition of legendary Taiwan photographer Teng NanKuang ( a.k.a Deng NanGuang, 1907 -1971) . With the full support of the artist family, the last group of vintages from the Estate will be shown to the public for the first time.

Famous for realism documentary and female portraits, Teng was among the first generation of pioneering Taiwan photographers studied in Tokyo. After returning to Taipei, he opened his studio and led the photography societies in Taiwan until his death. As a leader, an activist, an educator, a critic and a camera enthusiast, Teng was the great figure holding both rationality and sensibility to create fresh photographs with innovative individuation.

Beauty on a Summer Day invites new insights into Teng’s extraordinary oeuvre through his late adventure. Executed from 1956 to his death in 1971, the two different type of prints documented with detailed technical information allow the viewers tracing the threads of the photographer’s daily practice. The works by Minox IIIS, the spy camera Teng frequently used in the 50’s and 60’s, were printed both 11×14 print and a tiny contact print, mounted on a paper and chronicled its technical information on verso. The other group of prints are rare large gelatin silver photographs finished in intense poetic quality. Alongside these works we discover tranquil still-lifes and landscapes one had never seen in Teng’s works before. They reflects not only his background of avant-garde photography when studying in Japan, but also his deep friendship with Long ChinSan who was although the leader of pictorialism society – Teng exploited and integrated different styles boldly and achieved inventive masterpieces of Taiwan photographs.

The gallery will publish a fully illustrated hardbound catalogue of Teng’s late oeuvre.
The gallery would like to extend special thanks to artist family and the son Teng ShiKuang, Dr. Chen HsuehSheng, Chen Yu Ming, and Chuan Huihua for their generous supports to the exhibition.