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Araki Nobuyoshi:Polaroid

Exhibition Closed
Following the development of photography technology in the 20th century, Araki has used different equipment to shoot. However, polaroid is still his favorite. Because of the chemical fluid within the film, the appearance of a polaroid is always glossy – “wet”, Araki described – and it resonates with his sexual art.

Lee ChiHsiang: Lingering Focus

Exhibition Closed
Lee ChiHsiang is one of the representative young artist in photorealism. In his latest paintings, he portrays the black silhouettes through patterned glass. Through the blurry, out-of-focus, dark shapes, Lee explores abstract imagination in photorealistic oil on canvas.

Wang MengSha: Ripples

Exhibition Closed
Wang Mengsha juxtaposes the sense of trend extracted from current popular culture with the classic portraits of lady figures in Ming and Qing dynasties, without worshiping the past only, but developing a unique style.

Jou LiYan:Alive

Exhibition Closed
The dinosaurs or still life in the oil paintings created by the Taiwanese young artist Jou LiYan, expressing “liveness” with his brush: even cruel, deliberately shows the beauty of life. These are all “alive” statuses.

Ling Yung: a woman without makeup

Exhibition Closed
The flowers and the naked figures in the latest paintings by the Taiwanese young artist Ling Yung could be seen as a status without makeup. They are removed from the labels of being soft and pretty, and they are now facing themselves frankly.

Art Taipei 2020: PAINTINGS

Exhibition Closed
Egan Frantz, Hell Gette, Huang HaiHsin, Antone Könst, Araki Nobuyoshi

New Situation: EM Staff Select

Exhibition Closed
The show presents 6 groups of work selected by the gallery staff with their own statements to review and reinterpret our past exhibitions and artists at the beginning of a new year.

Moriyama Daido: Polaroid

Exhibition Closed
When Polaroid ceased production in 2008, Moriyama Daido created his "bye-bye polaroid" series; leading spectators through the urban jungle where he so often roamed through a completely different perspective. These rare and precious Polaroids, assembled once more, are like visual clues to complete a lost era’s puzzle.

Correspondence: A Global Reflection on our Moment

Exhibition Closed
A new online viewing room to address the urgency of our present moment. “Correspondence” features new works, works-in-progress, diaristic reflections, and personal perspectives from a selection of artists working across four different continents. Each responds to the stark new realities confronting them in their own way. Undeniably, they are connected through crisis.