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Ling Yung: a woman without makeup

Coming Soon..
The flowers and the naked figures in the latest paintings by the Taiwanese young artist Ling Yung could be seen as a status without makeup. They are removed from the labels of being soft and pretty, and they are now facing themselves frankly.

Art Taipei 2020: PAINTINGS

Exhibition Closed
Egan Frantz, Hell Gette, Huang HaiHsin, Antone Könst, Araki Nobuyoshi

New Situation: EM Staff Select

Exhibition Closed
The show presents 6 groups of work selected by the gallery staff with their own statements to review and reinterpret our past exhibitions and artists at the beginning of a new year.

Moriyama Daido: Polaroid

Exhibition Closed
When Polaroid ceased production in 2008, Moriyama Daido created his "bye-bye polaroid" series; leading spectators through the urban jungle where he so often roamed through a completely different perspective. These rare and precious Polaroids, assembled once more, are like visual clues to complete a lost era’s puzzle.

Correspondence: A Global Reflection on our Moment

Exhibition Closed
A new online viewing room to address the urgency of our present moment. “Correspondence” features new works, works-in-progress, diaristic reflections, and personal perspectives from a selection of artists working across four different continents. Each responds to the stark new realities confronting them in their own way. Undeniably, they are connected through crisis.