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Lin YiHsuan’s solo exhibition “Under the Starry Night”

In 2019, Lin YiHsuan participated the artist residency program of Projeto Fidalga in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Collaborated with the Sao Paulo-based independent curator Julie Dumont, Lin presented the solo exhibition “Under the Starry Night” after the residency. The show was also a part of the 14th Curitiba Biennial. Julie Dumont, from Brussel, Belgium, founded “The Bridge Project” in 2017. The program seeks to exhibit emerging artists through the organization and documentation of exhibitions and international residencies with partners from São Paulo, Brussels, and New York.

“Under the Starry Sky” can be interpreted as an exotic journal of Taiwanese artist Lin YiHsuan. In the massive world of his graphics, he depicts his feelings of unfamiliarity and the strong impression in his journey to and from Asia and Latin America, particularly recording his stay in Brazil, where he left and then returned to.

Through the whip of his brush, Lin narrates his life and experiences in Brazil in an abstract fashion that is characteristic of his mystical charisma, as if he lures the viewers into a realm that is realistic and built upon graphics. In the journey of this expedition, his graphics of people, animals and objects are manifested from the primitive shapes of arcs and lines as well as colors, enabling him to freely extend his experimental works and yet return to the purist simplicity through his brush.

On his surfaces, dull and prosaic shapes vanish away to bring out the vast peculiar scenes, enabling colors and the construct of graphics to develop. Likewise, stereotypical and primitive depictions of the wilderness resemble his straight and spiraling spread of paint. However, as seen in the negative space of his paintings and in his work “Zero Gravity”, one can see he is greatly influenced by oriental art and the youthful liberty of graffiti. The different color tones and paints fully embodies the exotic world in his imagination. Things like the assorted shadows under the blazing tropical sun, the colorful streets, the blooming plants, and all the other trivial memories, are the exotic scenes which he’s captured.

The images and drawings created with his drawing pen are like a universal medium of language that predominates over any statement of logic. They can explain why he chose to take root in Brazil. The brightness, the softness, the natural color tones, the systematic structure in his works and the chaos of passion could perhaps tell in a nutshell the charisma of Brazil that he experienced. Despite the adversity that any foreign traveler will experience, Brazil will be deeply remembered through the eyes of each and every adventurer visiting from across the oceans.

Integrating oriental and western factor, and combining the abstract and physical forms, Lin YiHsuan uses his brush to depict his objective experiences in Brazil from the perspectives of a nomad, an outsider, an observer and an artist.

He spares no effort drawing out his daily life and memories through his brush strokes, and expresses deep and sincere feelings. The loneliness, yearning, and surprise of being in a foreign country, the epic story of the Odyssey which reflects the meaning of existence for an artist, fill up the world in his mind.

“Under the Starry Sky” is his first art exhibition after his return to Brazil. Through this exhibition, he expects to share his feelings and affections during his distant travel in Brazil, a place that he now sees as his home.

Julie Dumont, independent curator, founder of “The Bridge Project”