Art Fair|Taipei Dangdai Each Modern Booth B26



Taipei Dangdai
January 17-19, 2020
Each Modern B26
Chang TingTong / Hilo Chen / Antone Könst / Lan ChungHsuan / Lin YiHsuan / Ueda Shoji / Wu MeiChi / Zhao Gang / Xu Jiong / Yin ZhaoYang

The second edition of the Taipei Dangdai is launched today. Each Modern presents top Asian and international artists this time, including the photorealist painter Hilo Chen, who has an important position in the West, Japanese  photography master Ueda Shoji, London-based artist Chang TingTong, young artist Lan ChungHsuan, Wu Meichi and Xu Jiong, abstract oil painting artist Yin Zhaoyang, and Zhao Gang who created satirical paintings with unique humor. In addition, Wu MeChi’s work is also on display at the salon sector, and Zhao Gang was invited by the fair to exhibit a huge ten-meter-long latest painting in a public space.

Meanwhile, Each Modern;’s “Hilo Chen: The Bather of Valpincon” has opened on January 15. The exhibition rediscovered the painting value of overseas Chinese artist Hilo Chen, and also redefined photorealism in the contemporary era. the show exhibit his photorealistic paintings spanning half a century from 1968 to 2011. The exhibition runs until February 29.