Established in Taipei in 2018, Each Modern is a gallery that promotes Asian post-war and contemporary art by enhancing the value of Asian artists, exploring the global influence of Asian artists, while creating new regional and global dialogues. Through its ambitious program, Each Modern strives to present both Asian post-war artists while also promoting emerging contemporary artists.

Past important gallery programs include the first Chinese avant-garde artist Li-YuanChia, the iconic “Provoke” photographers Nakahira Takuma and Moriyama Daido, Japanese female photographer Ishiuchi Miyako, New York-based photorealist Hilo Chen, and Taiwanese post-war photographer Teng NanKuang. In presenting these artists, the gallery redefines and reassess their lifelong practices in a contemporary context. Each Modern also represents São Paulo-based artist Lin YiHsuan, photographer Wu MeiChi, Chinese artists Zhao Gang, Xu Jiong, Xu Qu, and key member of Japanese Mono-ha Suga Kishio.

As a leader in contemporary art curation, Each Modern has been invited to curate multiple projects and external institution shows, including “Moriyamo Daido: Light Comes Again” at Light Society, Beijing, “Nakahira Takuma” at the Hong Kong International Photography Festival, “Ueda Shoji: Retrospective” at Huashan Creative Park, as well as ”Lin YiHsuan: We are Turtles”, “Zhao Gang 21st Supports/ ColorLumps as Anthropography of History”, and “PROVOKE - Opposing Centrism”at Kundu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei.