March 2018

森山大道 Moriyama Daido − Radiation
16 March – 28 April 2018
Each Modern 亞紀畫廊

Private View : 16 March Fri. 6 – 8 pm
Public Opening  : 16 March Fri. 8 – 9 pm

Each Modern 亞紀畫廊很榮幸宣布開幕首展為「森山大道:Radiation」,展出這位八十歲日本攝影大師以新科技呈現的燈箱作品。光與記憶一直是森山大道攝影的重心──如他所言,攝影是「光與時間的化石」。這次展現的燈箱作品,不但強調森山主張「攝影是一種表層」的力量,也同時加深且回應了記憶的片斷性。這些透過LED燈箱再次呈現、強烈的森山大道影像,更讓人聯想起從70年代至今日本社會風景的快速改變。

Each Modern is pleased to announce an exhibition of new lightbox works by Moriyama Daido as the inaugural exhibition. Light and memory has been the key to the Japanese photo master who has defined the photograph as ‘a fossil of light and time’. The lightbox underscores impact of photograph surface but also add depth and resonance to memories, and highlights how Moriyama re-uses and re-thinks his own work. The intense rendering imagery by lightbox also recalls the rapid change of social landscapes and medias in Japan from 70’s to present.

Work Highlights :
「森山大道:Radiation」的八件燈箱作品包括了森山大道最知名的代表作:Accident(1969), Yokosuka(1970), Another Country in New York(1971), Stray Dog, Misawa(1971), Tights in Shimotakaido(1987)等。

Radiation includes 8 large scale lightbox works produced exclusively for Each Modern featuring the most important images by the artist: Accident(1969), Yokosuka(1970), Another Country in New York(1971), Stray Dog, Misawa(1971), Tights in Shimotakaido(1987) and others.

About the Artist :
森山大道(b.1938)是現今最知名的日本攝影家。他的攝影風格──搖晃、模糊與失焦,描繪了潛藏在城市表面下的黑暗與陌生。1968年他加入影響日本藝術深遠的先鋒攝影團體「挑釁」,自此五十年間未曾間斷地擴展攝影的極限。他的作品受國際重要機構的廣泛展示與收藏,包括紐約現代美術館、舊金山現代 美術館、紐約大都會美術館、洛杉磯蓋提美術館、波士頓美術館、巴黎龐畢度中心等。近來重要的個展包括泰德美術館(與William Klein,2012)、卡地亞當代藝術基金會(2016)、日本國立美術館,大阪(2011) 等。

Moriyama Daido(b.1938) is one of the most known and prolific Japanese photographers working today. His photographic style, described as grainy, blurry, out of focus, heightens the darkness and strangeness lurking below the surface of the urban landscape. He became a member of the influential collective Provoke in 1968 and kept on pushing the limits of photograph for more than five decades. His works has been widely exhibited and collected by prominent public institute, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and The Centre Pompidou, Paris. Recent important retrospective includes Tate Modern(with William Klein, 2012), Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain(2016) and The National Museum of Art Osaka (2011).

About Each Modern :
Each Modern 亞紀畫廊意圖透過藝術家與創造性藝術形式之間的對話,來傳達每個藝術家與區域間的差異。畫廊的重點方向為經營與推廣中國、台灣中堅和新興藝術家、以及國際級攝影大師。
Each Modern 亞紀畫廊的前身為亦安畫廊台北,該畫廊在2014至2017年期間於黃亞紀策劃之下,發展出台灣具指標性的畫廊項目,媒體評論包括「最年輕也最有氣質的畫廊」、「展現畫廊對藝術家高度品味的慎選實力」(《當代藝術新聞》)、「體現一種畫廊的學術特性」(《ArtPlus》)等。為致力於呈現更廣泛的國際作品,黃亞紀決定於2018年將畫廊改名為 Each Modern 亞紀畫廊,並遷至台北市中心的信義路現址。

Each Modern intents to foster difference of every artist and region by conceding with a dialogue between artists and inventive art form. The focus of the gallery is upon mid-career and emerging artists from China, Taiwan as well as international photography masters.
Each Modern builds on the success of aura gallery taipei, which was recognized for its leading gallery program in Taiwan under the direction by Huang Yaji from 2014 to 2017. Committed to present broader range of international works across all media, Huang decided to change the gallery name into Each Modern and relocate to a large warehouse in central of Taipei city in March 2018.