December 2018

亞紀畫廊敬祝您 2019 心想事成
Wishing you a Happy New Year !

時光飛逝,轉眼間新的一年即將到來。在充滿新希望的雀躍氣氛中,亞紀畫廊邀請您一同回顧精彩的2018年。謝謝您一路支持,祝您 2019 心想事成,豬年大吉。

亞紀畫廊將在元月16日「李元佳與年輕藝術家」、18日 Taipei Dangdai 台北當代博覽會、19日 One Art Taipei 博覽會推出精彩作品,屆時與您相見,歡迎您的蒞臨!

How quickly time flies, in the blink of an eye another year passes. Here’s wishing you good health and prosperity in the coming year. We hope that you will join us in 2019 for another auspicious year.

Each Modern’s upcoming exhibition “Li Yuan-chia and the Homages to” will be on view on January 16, with “Re/Born” at Taipei Dangdai opens on January 18 and “Quartet” at ONE ART Taipei opens on January 19.

亞紀畫廊展覽撤換中,將暫停對外開放至2019年1月15日,書店二手舍 Nitesha 將正常開放至12月28日如有不便敬請見諒。

歡迎點取連結獲得更多資訊「李元佳與年輕藝術家」Taipei Dangdai 「Re/Born」One Art Taipei 「Quartet 」

The gallery is now closed for deinstallation until January 15, and the Nitesha BTGP opens until December 28. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For more information, please check “Li Yuan-chia and Homages to”, Taipei Dangdai “Re/Born”, and ONE ART Taipei “Quartet”.