October 2019

尹朝陽 Yin ZhaoYang,白霽嵩山 White Snow Mountain Song,2017,畫布油彩 oil on canvas,150 x 280 cm

Each Modern 亞紀畫廊很榮幸將參與2019年上海西岸藝術與設計博覽會。今年,延續了本畫廊一向專注的跨時空藝術家對話,一同展現了本次展覽主題「水」與「人」的姿態。展出藝術家中,中國當代藝術家尹朝陽將在展位中以小型個展的形式呈現最新油彩作品,而中國年輕藝術家許炯則以複合媒材創作了自畫像;旅紐約台灣畫家陳昭宏將帶來早期的人物畫與照片寫實畫作,年輕藝術家則有擅長當代水墨的曾建穎與當代攝影的吳美琪;同時展出的也有日本物派代表人物菅木志雄的複合媒材雕塑與攝影大師須田一政的經典寫真。而在戶外展區「DREAM Video 100」中,將會播映日本當代藝術家鈴木展的錄像作品。

Each Modern Gallery is proud to announce its participation in the 2019 West Bund Art & Design Fair in Shanghai. In keeping with our gallery’s mission of fostering dialogues between artists across history and geography, Each Modern will be showing works under the theme “Water and People” through which established artists in the region will complement the rediscovered and the emergent. This year’s works include Chinese contemporary artists Yin ZhaoYang’s recent oil paintings which will be displayed in a small solo exhibition at the booth, and Xu Jiong’s conceptual towered self-portraits; New York-based Taiwanese painter Hilo Chen’s early figurative works and photorealistic paintings; young Taiwanese artists Tseng ChienYing’s contemporary paintings utilizing traditional pigments, and Wu MeiChi’s abstract still lifes; and from Japan, Mono-ha figure Suga Kishio’s crafted sculptural works, and master of photography Suda Issei’s photographs. A video work by the Japanese contemporary artist Hiraku Suzuki will be also showed at the “DREAM Video 100” sector.

[ West Bund Art & Design ]
時間|November 07 – November 10, 2019
地點|West Bund Art Center, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai