October 2019

Seeing Kishio Suga’s Creative Core in “Opposed Realm and Connected Edges”

日本「物派」在60年代末至70年代初崛起,試圖以物的最原始樣貌在空間中排列,並在近年成為國際藝術市場焦點。Each Modern 亞紀畫廊現正展出的菅木志雄台灣首次個展「反界結端」不僅展出了這位日本物派藝術家代表人物跨年代的創作,亦於一樓空間創作了專屬的大型裝置,獲得了極大的迴響與佳評。10月號的《典藏今藝術&投資》更在專題「再議物派」中報導了本展,並獨家採訪了菅木志雄。

The first solo exhibition of the seminal Japanese Mono-ha artist Suga Kishio is on view at Each Modern until October 26. The show, presenting a large scale site-specific installation and works from different periods, is featured in the October ARTCO Magazine special theme focuses on Mono-ha. The article also includes an exclusive interview with the artist.


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Suga Kishio : Opposed Realm and Connected Edges
September 11October 26, 2019