September 2019

Each Modern亞紀畫廊「菅木志雄:反界結端」將於明日盛大開幕。日本物派於60、70年代在日本崛起,試圖利用物件原貌闡述原意。而身為代表人物之一,菅木志雄利用自然與工業材料,透過對空間與物的不斷觀察,從而創造出了各種情況。展名「反界結端」取自菅木志雄1975年呈現平面與立體概念的的紙張雕塑,一將樓展出一件巨石與繩索的大型裝置,二樓將展出數組由各式材料組合的雕塑以及紀錄菅木志雄1970年代現地製作的攝影作品。開幕將於下午6點至8點,歡迎您的蒞臨觀展。

Each Modern亞紀畫廊將於中秋連假9月13日至16日休館,預祝您佳節愉快。

Each Modern “Suga Kishio: Opposed Realm and Connected Edges” opens tomorrow from 6 to 8 PM. As a seminal figure of the Mono-ha (School of Things in Japanese), a group of artists that rose to critical acclaim during the late 1960s and early 1970s in Japan, Suga Kishio’s approach to his materials is an ongoing investigation of “situation.” The show, titled after his 1975 paper-sculpture work, presents a large-scale installation on the first floor of the gallery along with mixed media sculptures and photographs of his field art on the second floor.

Each Modern will be closed from September 9th to 13th in observance of the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday. The gallery will resume normal opening hours Tuesday, June 17th.

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Suga Kishio : Opposed Realm and Connected Edges
September 11October 26, 2019
Opening Reception : September 11 | 6 – 8 PM