August 2019

Each Modern亞紀畫廊微信公眾號正式成立!
Each Modern’s WeChat Official Account is now online!

Each Modern亞紀畫廊微信公眾號正式成立,首篇文章回顧了畫廊自2018年3月開幕以來的歷檔展覽,該文章自開號四日以來已獲2000人閱讀,反應熱烈,也反映了亞紀畫廊在中國藝術界所受的極高關注度。本公眾號將持續分享展覽與藝術家資訊,歡迎至下方QR code訂閱亞紀畫廊公眾號。

The WeChat Official accounts of Each Modern is now online! The first article, which already attracts 2000 views in 4 days, reviews all shows curated by the gallery from March, 2018. It reflects the great attention that Each Modern has gained from the Chinese art world. This official account will share information about the shows and the artists of Each Modern with you, you may follow us through the QR code below.


Current Exhibition

中平卓馬 Nakahira Takuma
1974 to 1989
July 23 – August 24, 2019

【Upcoming Exhibition

菅木志雄 Suga Kishio
反界結端 Opposed Realm and Connected Edges
September 11October 26, 2019
Opening Reception : September 11 | 6 – 8 PM