July 2019

中平卓馬 Nakahira Takuma
1974 to 1989
July 23 – August 24, 2019

Guest TalkJuly 27, 2019 | 3 PM
by Sawada Yoko 澤田
陽子(Director, Estate of Takuma Nakahira and Osiris Publishing

中平卓馬 Nakahira Takuma,Adieu AX (#26),1980’s,vintage gelatin silver print, RC paper,paper size 25.4 x 30.5 cm

Each Modern 亞紀畫廊很榮幸宣布將於7月23日至8月24日展出日本傳奇攝影家中平卓馬展覽「中平卓馬:1974至1989」,串聯了這位造就深遠影響的攝影家生涯與他在「挑釁」時期之後過渡時期的藝術實踐。本次展覽將重現中平卓馬的攝影裝置氾濫並展出超過100張的攝影作品投影,以及選自Adieu A XNakahira Takuma 1000由攝影家於1980年代親手沖印的黑白照片,而這也將會是中平卓馬親自沖印的作品首次在藝廊空間中展出。

中平卓馬(1938 – 2015)是日本攝影運動「挑釁」中最為出名的攝影家之一。在他的一生中,他不斷地重新思考並重新創造他的攝影理論與實踐。


「中平卓馬:1974至1989」將於7月23日展至8月24日,並於7月27日下午3點由中平卓馬遺產總監澤田陽子將在Each Modern亞紀畫廊舉辦特別講座;畫廊空間中的日本書店二手舍NITESHA BGTP – Book Gallery Taipei也將於展期間帶來特別帶來與展覽相互呼應的稀有書籍。

Each Modern is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Japanese photographer “Nakahira Takuma : 1974 to 1989,” which will run from 23 July to 24 August, 2019. The exhibition bridges points along the seminal photography figure’s career, marking transitional periods along his practice, post-Provoke. The exhibition is comprised of a remake of the photographic installation Overflow, a projection of over 100 images as well as a selection of 1980’s-period black and white photographs printed by the photographer himself from his Adieu A X and Nakahira Takuma 1000 series. This exhibition will mark the first time these self-printed works are shown in a gallery.

Nakahira Takuma (1938 – 2015), one of the most celebrated photographers to emerge from the Japanese “Provoke” movement, continually rethought and reinvented his photographic theory and praxis throughout his life.

Nakahira’s series Overflow was originally presented as an installation during the 1974 exhibition “Fifteen Photographers Today” (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo). The work consisted of 48 color photographs that were arranged on a wall 6 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. The photographs show fragments of an urban environment — eerie rifts in a space overflowing with objects, commodities and information — that Nakahira encountered and photographed in his everyday life, from vines creeping along walls and sewer covers in the streets to the tire of a large truck, from a pale-bellied shark floating in the transparent darkness behind the glass of an aquarium to close-up shots of a subway station. Franz K. Prichard remarks in his essay, which prefaces the Overflow book, “Overflow compels us as viewers to see the interplay of a seemingly random distribution of fragments, surfaces and residues. And in so doing, we are made to sense the undifferentiated enumeration of parts of an incomplete whole.” In 1977, Nakahira was tragically stricken with a sever disease that brought with it memory loss and aphasia, which greatly impacted his theory and practice. He returned to shooting the following year with the images he saw every day on the street: fire, water, birds, animals, trees, flowers, cars, cats and street people. This method reinforced his disembodied and unsentimental perspective on photography. These images are the ultimate presentation of his struggle to pursue the provocative questions disclosed in his writings and photography: the essence of photography is only an equivalent record. The expertly printed photographs, though intentionally devoid of pictorial aesthetic, possess Nakahira’s signature style and technique. Few works also feature the photographer’s personal notes, written on the back of the print.

“Nakahira Takuma: 1974 to 1989” will be on display at Each Modern from 23 July to 24 August 2019. The exhibition will also feature a special guest lecture from the director of Nakahira Takuma’s estate, Sawada Yoko, on 27 July at 3:00PM at Each Modern. On the gallery’s second floor, NITESHA BGTP – Book Gallery Taipei will be featuring a special selection of rare books to coincide with “Nakahira Takuma : 1974 to 1989.”