July 2019

Each Modern 亞紀畫廊暑期休館至7月22日
Gallery closed for summer break until July 22

「許炯:自畫像」已於上周熱鬧落幕,感謝各位朋友的蒞臨指教。該展好評如潮,受媒體高度注目,亦獲ArtReview Asia夏季刊報導。而為了在2019下半年帶來更多精彩展覽,Each Modern亞紀畫廊即日起至7月22日休館,日本傳奇攝影家「中平卓馬:1974至1989」將於7月23日開展。休館期間,台灣年輕旅巴西藝術家林亦軒的首次美術館個展「我們是烏龜」將於7月12日開幕,我們期待見到您。

– Nirmala Devi,ArtReview Asia,2019年夏季刊

The exhibition “Xu Jiong: Self-portrait” ends last week was featured in various presses, including ArtReview Asia, Summer 2019. Each Modern is now closed for installation/deinstallation until July 22, our upcoming show “Nakahira Takuma: 1974 to 1989” will be on view on July 23. On July 12, Brazil-based Taiwanese artist Lin YiHsuan’s first museum solo show “We are Turtles” opens at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.

Xu Jiong’s new series of ‘self-portraits without portraits’, now on show at Each Modern in Taipei. Best known for his black- and-white ink works, the Beijing-based painter’s new series takes those calligraphic techniques and applies them to acrylic sheets using coloured paint. The aim is to create a series of self-portraits that explore identity as a historic and social construction. Consequently the acrylic sheets of the new works are laid on top of older works (exploring the artist’s queer identity) and painted with towers (universal symbols of power and control) of various sizes as well as calligraphic renderings of the artist’s name: the result is a multilayered portrait of past and present selves.
– Nirmala Devi, ArtReview Asia, Summer 2019

Current Exhibition

林亦軒 Lin YiHsuan
我們是烏龜 We are Turtles
July 12 – September 22, 2019
Opening Reception : July 12 | 5 PM
國立臺北藝術大學 關渡美術館

Upcoming Exhibitions

中平卓馬 Nakahira Takuma
1974 to 1989
July 23 – August 24, 2019
Guest Talk : July 27, 2019 | 3 PM