July 2019

「許炯:自畫像」 最後一週展出
“Xu Jiong : Self-Portrait” Closing This Week

廣受好評的「許炯:自畫像」將於本週 7 月 6 日結束,敬請把握最後一週的觀展機會!藝術家許炯透過極富突破性的壓克力顏料複合媒材作品,從歷史、文化、個人等層面探討了構築自我的不同身份。本展新作除獲 CANS 亞洲藝術新聞選為 2019 年 6 月號的封面故事外,亦獲典藏今藝術 2019 年 7 月份報導。

「 自我認識,往往交織在看與被看之間,自畫像可以說是認識藝術家最獨有的一種畫類,與畫中人物會晤的過程,亦透露著藝術家對於觀看方式的演繹。說到自畫像最經典的,莫過於林布蘭( Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, 1606-1669 )與梵谷( Vincent Willem van Gogh, 1853-1890 )等大師之作,然而在肖像式的圖像之外,書畫藝術引導出另一種凝視的方式;黑白色調,紙墨媒材,是多數書畫創作的刻板印象,而許炯的創作總是在突破中,讓觀者意識到自己的對於「類型」的想像與局限。在「自畫像」一展中的作品,有著 3 個由上而下,面積遞增或遞減的不等方形,許炯表示,結構的靈感,源於習字後將作品攤列在地的審視經驗中;塔狀、碑塚或梯形,另成一種節奏與段落;許炯式的自敘帖,讓生命中的點點滴滴,既是埋葬也是樹立,既是紀念也是忘懷。」
– 典藏今藝術,2019 年 7月份

Today marks the final week of “Xu Jiong: Self-portrait.” The exhibition’s last day will be July 6. The artist, Xu Jiong, creates acrylic mixed media artworks to historically, culturally, and personally review his diverse identities. The exhibition has been selected as the cover story of CANS Asian Art News, June 2019 and is featured in ARTCO, July 2019.

“Self-portraits are a unique way to encounter an artist. Through this form audiences are able to directly see the artist as they see themselves in their works; in this way, the works reveal the artist to the viewer. In art history, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn(1606-1669) and Vincent Willem van Gogh(1853-1890) are widely regarded as some of the greatest self-portrait artists. However, in contrast to depictions of an artist’s likeness, calligraphy offers another means of encountering identity. The artist, Xu Jiong, challenges the stereotypes of calligraphy – black and white, paper and ink – and invites the audience to flow with their imagination and limitations. In “Self-portrait”, a structure inspired by calligraphy writing practice repeats in Xu Jiong’s artworks. It resembles a tower, a tombstone, or stairs. Xu Jiong’s distinct abstract self-portraits bury, build, depict remember, and forget his identity simultaneously.”
– ARTCO, July 2019

[ Current Exhibition ]

許炯 Xu Jiong
自畫像 Self-portrait
May 31 – July 6, 2019

[ Upcoming Exhibition ]

林亦軒 Lin YiHsuan
我們是烏龜 We are Turtles
July 12 – September 22, 2019
Opening Reception:July 12 | 5 pm
國立臺北藝術大學 關渡美術館

中平卓馬 Nakahira Takuma
1974 to 1989
July 23 – August 24, 2019
Guest Talk 講座:July 27, 2019 | 3 PM