June 2019

評論分享|坎布里亞世界主義: 李元佳和朋友們
Cumbrian Cosmopolitanisms: Li Yuan-chia and Friends

Li Yuan-chia standing at the porch of the LYC Museum & Art Gallery, featuring window designed by David Nash.
Digital image courtesy of LYC Foundation, Li Yuan-chia Archive, The University of Manchester Library.

身兼策展人、作家、研究員的漢默納薩近日在British Art Studies第12刊發表了一篇關於李元佳的文章「Cumbrian Cosmopolitanisms: Li Yuan-chia and Friends」。該文討論了對於李元佳與李元佳美術館研究與成立獎學金的必要性。納薩回溯了李元佳將李元佳美術館作為一種實踐的先鋒藝術形式,也討論了由馬德龍湖卡斯與艾沙斯坦非爾德拍攝的「Point in Time」與海倫佩茲執導的「Space & Freedom」該影片曾在Each Modern亞紀畫廊「李元佳與年輕藝術家」展覽中展出。


「 在藝術史的定律中,總是有一種梳理雜亂歷史的衝動- 削減其中的複雜與混亂成一種整齊的單面向深度。我們可以看到許多這樣例子 - 一間美術館的組成與兩部錄像- 強調了一種讓多元產出感官的藝術研究形式;這樣的形式是「沒有定律」的,並非是削減成僅是簡潔單調的特色。它所指出的是一種對於「超越藝術史」的需求,超越了國家、學術單位、或是僅研究單一面向議題的藝術史學者。」– Hammad Nasar

Each Modern 亞紀畫廊將於6月7日至6月8日,因端午節休館兩天。畫廊將於6月11日恢復正常營業,歡迎您蒞臨觀賞。

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Each Modern would like to share curator, writer, and researcher Hammad Nasar’s recently published article “Cumbrian Cosmopolitanisms: Li Yuan-chia and Friends” in issue 12 of British Arts Studies. The article presents much needed research and scholarship on Li Yuan-chia and his LYC museum. Nasar traces Li’s practice as a pioneer of relational and participatory art focusing on the LYC Museum itself as practice, and two films, “Point in Time” by Madelon Hooykaas and Elsa Stansfield, and “Space & Freedom” Helen Petts as exemplars of the primacy of encounter friendship and networks in art production.

“The LYC has often been positioned as Li sacrificing his own practice, while he gave “his attention to others”. But I would like to place the LYC in an artistic trajectory that saw Li moving away from static objects and towards the production of work that invited participation from audiences to animate the work.”

“There is in the discipline of art history an impulse to disentangle entangled histories—to reduce the complex and the messy to tidy pockets of monographic depth. Contained. Neat. Sharp-edged. This brief look at a handful of examples—the formation of a museum and two films—underlines the need for forms of art-historical research that allow sense to emerge from polyphony; forms that embody “undisciplined” approaches, not reducible to neat monographic accounts. It points to the need for “art histories of excess” that exceed nations, institutions, and singular art historians examining single objects or single subjects.”  – Hammad Nasar

Please note that Each Modern will be closed on June 7 and June 8 in observance of the Duanwu Festival holiday. The gallery will resume normal hours on Tuesday, June 11. Please plan your visit accordingly.


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