April 2019

報導分享|罐 專訪-趙剛:沒有幽默和優雅,當代藝術就不需要存在了
Zhao Gang Interview, CANS Asia Art News


現正於 Each Modern 亞紀畫廊展出的「趙剛回顧展」,藝術家趙剛於開幕期間接受了《亞洲藝術新聞》專訪,訪談從這次觀念項目的創作,談到中國的歷史建構與身份、版圖問題:

「 這 39 張水彩是在一種很隨性、潛意識的狀況下畫的,我之前看了一本書,回想起中國革命近代史,和西方的十月革命,以及後來藝術的存在方式。十月革命之前,有馬列維奇(Kazimir Malevich)、羅欽可(Alexander Rodchenko)的形式主義。說到底,當代藝術的存在方式,就是一種與歷史存在方式的辯證。再談到中國,我覺得只有「一片混亂」可以形容。俄羅斯與中國都想談烏托邦,但是中國的政客很容易就自我進入「中國烏托邦」狀態,但我認為,事實上那什麼也不是。


CANS Asia Art News interviewed Zhao Gang during the opening reception of Each Modern’s current exhibition “Zhao Gang: Diluted Retrospective”. The interview talks about Zhao Gang’s conceptual art project, the reconstruction of the history and the map of China and its identity :

“The 39 watercolors were drawn casually and subconsciously. I read a book and it reminded me of the modern revolutionary history of the Chinese, the October Revolution from the West, and the how art developed after that period. Before the October Revolution, there was this formalism by Kazimir Malevich and Alexander Rodchenko. The way contemporary art exists is all about authenticating history. And China, I think it is a “total mess”. Both Russia and China want to talk about Utopia, but Chinese politics will only talk about a “Chinese Utopia”. That’s actually nothing, I think.”

The exhibition is on view until May 18.


▎Current Exhibition
趙 剛 回 顧 展
Zhao Gang : Diluted Retrospective
April 12 – May 18, 2019

▎Upcoming Exhibition
Xu Jiong : Self-portrait
May 31 – July 6, 2019
Opening Reception May 31, 2019  6 pm