March 2019

追思須田一政(1940 – 2019)
In Memory of Suda Issei (1940 – 2019)

須田一政 Suda Issei, Clipped, 1973




On March 7, 2019, our beloved photographer, Suda Issei, passed away. Since his exhibition “Fushi Kaden” at aura gallery beijing in 2012, we have collaborated on six exhibitions, including “View” (group exhibition) and “Taipei Kissyo” (solo exhibition) held in Taipei. In the past eight years, I have had only a few short meetings with Mr. Suda, who through this time was already unwell in health. Suda always shared his new ideas on photography with me through a very weak voice.

I liked to visit Suda. His was a subtle home, and I would become cautious in it. I sit up straight, meanwhile, my eyes would sneak at the books and music that Suda collected. Suda was a well-educated person who was always reading new books. His love of classical literature, music, poetry, sinology, and Western philosophy can also be seen in his collection. Sometimes I would say that it was good to have this sense of distance, just like the kind of sadness you have to observe and experience when facing Suda’s photography. His life was just like his works; photography series that were avant-garde and experimental, and others that possessed classical characteristics.

The life and photography of Suda were tightly integrated. His work is the presentation of himself. You can see this mixture is actually the ultimate, especially in his late works. Looking back from here, his works clearly express the rhythms and ups-and-downs of a life born as a human being. On the one hand, it is so heavy; on the other hand, it is so spiritual – Suda Issei completely and entirely experienced life as an inspired artist.