November 2018

林亦軒 Lin YiHsuan
吸管 Straw
November 13 – December 22, 2018

「 林亦軒 Lin YiHsuan : 吸管 Straw 」已於上週開幕,現場人潮不斷,展覽獲得許多國內外媒體與藝術界的高度關注,此次林亦軒帶來18年新作,林亦軒在這批新的繪畫中呈現出某種代表性的外觀,甚至它們是奇怪的、不規則的形狀也可以,他必須讓它們成為獨立的東西,以避免自己落入今日那流行品味的抽象作品的圈套。這些奇怪的小東西和林亦軒的個人主題連結地非常清楚,從他早期作品中的蚊子,到現在的蝙蝠、眼睛、吸管、旗子、文字,都 是將與他生命時間軸交錯的物件給予最大規模的變形-通常以一種俏皮、孩童般拙劣的方法、同時呈現符號閱讀的雙關趣味。例如蝙蝠成為了領結、糖衣、飛行器,來自漫畫人物的眼睛成為了鈕扣、陀螺、星星。 林亦軒不但沒有放棄形狀,他還將它們在空間不斷並置,從中尤其看到馬蒂斯對他的影響:表面非常重要。 顯然,它們幾乎都在表面上,它們處於一個非常淺的空間,也就是回到線與色彩的空間。


“Lin YiHsuan: Straw” has already gained high attention from the art world and the press worldwide since its opening last week. From the mosquitos of his early works to the current bats, eyes, straws, flags, and text, he maximally transforms the objects that he encounters in his life. For instance, the bats are now ties, sugar coating, and aircraft; the eyes from a comic figure are now buttons, gyres and stars. Lin YiHsuan does not give up on shapes, he consistently apposes them in space, and the influence from Matisse can be observed: the surface is important. Obviously, they are mostly on the surface. They now exist in an extremely thin space, a space that returns to line and color.

The gallery will be closed on November 23 for a private event and November 24 for the voting day. Please make your plan before visiting, we apologize for the inconvenience.