November 2018

西岸藝術與設計博覽會 West Bund Art & Fair
November 8 – 11 2018
Booth N106

West Bund Artistic Center, Shanghai, China

亞紀畫廊很榮幸參與今年於上海舉辦的西岸藝術與設計博覽會。在我們的N106展位,我們將帶來兩位日本的傳奇攝影師森山大道與植田正治,以及知名中國畫家尹朝陽。在幽暗的展位中,由亞紀畫廊所研發的燈箱乘載著森山大道最為經典的攝影作品,且全程於德國印刷與製作。在展位中的一間明亮密室中,觀者將被尹朝陽的強烈色彩畫作以及植田正治於家鄉拍攝帶有劇場感攝影作品圍繞。而現正於亞紀畫廊展出的日本藝術家鈴木展錄像作品「GENGA #001-#1000(video)」更獲選參加今年西岸藝術與設計博覽會的特別錄像活動「DREAM Video 100」。此作品將會在展館的戶外以巨大尺寸螢幕播放。歡迎各位蒞臨觀賞。

Each Modern is pleased to announce our participation in the 2018 West Bund Art & Design Fair in Shanghai. At our booth, N106, we will be showing works from two illustrious Japanese photographers, Moriyama Daido and Ueda Shoji, as well as works by renowned Chinese painter Ying ZhaoYang. In our darkened booth, lightboxes printed with Daido Moriyama’s most iconic photographs, which Each Modern developed, will be illuminated and on display. Printed and made in Germany, the lightboxes are produced with new and innovative techniques. In our booth’s brightly lit interior room visitors will be surrounded by the colorful oil paintings of Ying ZhaoYang and the cinematic photographs Ueda Shoji’s. Additionally, Hiraku Suzuki’s “GENGA #001-#1000(video)”, which is currently showing at Each Modern in Taipei, has also been selected to take part in the special screening event “DREAM Video 100” at the outdoor venue. We hope you can all join us this year for what will certainly be a wonderful exhibition.