October 2018

鈴木展 Hiraku Suzuki
The Writing of Meteors
October 6 – November 7, 2018

Opening Reception | October 6 Saturday 3 p.m.

亞紀畫廊將於 2018 年 10 月 6 日起舉辦日本藝術家鈴木展(Hiraku Suzuki)的台灣首次個展「The Writing of Meteors」,此次個展題目「The Writing of Meteors」(隕石的書寫)來自法國超現實主義評論家凱盧瓦(Roger Cailois)的著作《L’ecriture de Pierres》(石頭的書寫)-鈴木展利用這些極簡物質所創造出的符號線條串連了宇宙中的時空。

「畫畫存在於圖像和語言之間。事實上,畫畫與寫作曾相同,早在我們開始使用我們所謂的語言之前,古人就將天體運動的節奏刻畫在猛瑪象牙上、洞穴壁上,以及普通石頭的表面,這就是人類發明符號的方式,人類開發了字母和語言來使自己在一個持續未知的世界中得到引導。我們亦通過使用語言來更好地學習並與世界聯繫,而成為了一個成功生存的物種,但是,今日的人是否有能力在時空不斷增長的世界中充抓到新的事物,並僅用我們現有的語言概念指向未來?我的方法將畫畫解釋為一種另類考古學,它正在與我們世界相對應,我首先通過已存在又無處不在的裂縫滑入這個世界,並將它們解構為點和線。」-鈴木展,三月 2015 年於青森當代藝術中心個展 Signs of Faraway 撰文

Each Modern will present Japanese artist Hiraku Suzuki’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan, “The Writing of Meteors,” on October 6, 2018. The exhibition title, “The Writing of Meteors,” comes from French surrealist critic Roger Cailois’s book L’ecriture de Pierres (Stone Writing) – Suzuki’s use of minimal elements creates symbolic lines that connect the time and space of the universe.

“Drawing exists between pictures and language. In fact, drawing and writing were once one and the same. Long before we began using what we now know as language, the ancients engraved the rhythms of the celestial motion into mammoth tusks, onto cave walls, and across the face of ordinary stones. This is how humans invented signs. Letters and language were developed by humans to orient themselves within a world where the unknown is constantly present. And we have managed to survive as a species by using language to better study and relate to our world. But is anyone living today capable of fully grasping new occurrences within our world s ever-growing expanse of time and space and pointing to the future with only our existing concept of language? My methodology interprets drawing as an alternative archaeology that corresponds to our world in the present progressive. I begin by first slipping into the world through the ubiquitous cracks that already exist and deconstructing them into dots and lines. ” – Hiraku Suzuki’s Artist Statement of the solo exhibition Signs of Faraway at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, March 2015