September 2018

鈴木展 Hiraku Suzuki
The Writing of Meteors
October 6 – November 7, 2018

Opening Reception | October 6 Saturday 3 p.m.

Hiraku Suzuki working on his work Constellation #23, 2018

Each Modern亞紀畫廊非常榮幸將於2018年10月6日起舉辦日本藝術家鈴木展的台灣首次個展「The Writing of Meteors」。展覽將包括藝術家受金澤21世紀美術館收藏的早期系列〈Bacteria Sign〉,到為此展量身訂作、以反射板構成的裝置〈Reflector〉。展覽呈現藝術家由「線」的思索所擴發的無限性。 在線條成為文字與藝術等文明構成之前,仍屬點與點之間透過物理動作而連接的狀態-即不僅屬於二維卻是空間時間的運動狀態-是鈴木展創作的出發點。對於考古學、天文學、礦石學的涉獵,以及對土地、自然的熱愛,鈴木展從中獲取線條與描繪(drawing)的契機,又再由城市景象的觀察獲得形體的線索,最後完成既潛存過去與記憶,又指向現代主義與未來主義的作品。2000年展開的〈Bacteria Sign〉讓鈴木展獲得高度矚目,他將正方形的畫板上鋪滿含有土質的保存性顏料、將枯葉完全埋藏其中、再逐步挖掘顯露出葉脈的「畫線」行為,涵蓋了繪畫、考古、生命循環、文明起源、侘寂美學等層次,且由沈澱地面的土壤反彈成為對宇宙無垠的想像,為極具隱喻的奇妙作品。

鈴木展(b. 1978 in Miyagi, Japan)的作品已獲日本不同領域的重要人物推崇,包括書法家石川九陽(Kyuyo Ishikawa)、吉增剛造(Gozo Yoshimasu)、時裝設計師川久保玲(Rei Kawakubo)等。法國品牌Agnes b.也長期與鈴木展合作項目,並收藏他的作品。鈴木展的作品曾於金澤21世紀美術館、森美術館、銀川現代美術館、巴黎日本文化會館、倫敦Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation等大型展覽中展出,明年亦將參展東京都現代美術館重新開幕首展。

Each Modern is pleased to present for the first time in Taiwan, an exhibition of Japanese artist Hiraku Suzuki, “The Writing of Meteors”. The exhibition will present new works on paper and canvas, installation, video and photographs to present the infinity of the artist’s expansion from lines. Before lines form the essentials of civilization, such as language and art, they remain in the state of connection from point to point through physical movement – that is, not only two-dimensional but the state of motion of space and time – which is the critical concept of Suzuki’s oeuvre. Suzuki rediscovers lines from archaeology and astronomy, as well as his interest in the fluidity between the visual and the textual, and then obtains clues of form through observations of the city scene. He integrates all into his unique method of drawing which conclusively points to modernism and futurism. Bacteria Sign, one of his famous early series from 2000, is comprised of canvases of soil. Suzuki buries dead leaves and gradually excavates the “line drawings” through revealing the veins. Bacteria Sign resonates drawing, archaeology, life cycle, the genesis of civilization, and other narratives. Soil of the sedimentary ground rebounds into an innocent imagination of the universe; a metaphorical, wonderful work.

Born in 1978 in Miyagi, Japan, Suzuki’s work has been the subject of numerous museum exhibitions: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa; Mori Museum, Tokyo; MOCA YinChun, YinChun, ; Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, Paris; Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation, London and etc.