June 2018

Each Modern Artists Summer Exhibitions News

Moriyama Daido 森山大道
Light Comes Again
Light Society 光社, Beijing 北京
June 16 –  July 15 2018


Light Comes Again of Moriyama Daido will be on view at Light Society, Beijing on June 16. The show will present the Japanese photographer’s limited editions, including lightboxes, Cibachrome, and video works, in China for the first time.

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Zhao Gang 趙剛
Painting: Now & Forever, Part III
Greene Naftali, New York 紐約
June 28 –  August 17 2018

中國藝術家趙剛將參與由Greene Naftali與Matthew Marks合作推出的Painting Now and Forever Part III。此十年一次的繪畫系列展至今已是第三屆,第一屆於由Matthew Marks與傳奇人物Pat Hearn共同於1998年策展。

Zhao Gang will take part in Painting Now and Forever Part III, curated by Greene Naftali and Matthew Marks. The first edition of this decennial painting show was curated by Matthew and the legendary Pat Hearn in 1998.

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Suda Issei 須田一政
Childhood Days
Akio Nagasawa Gallery, Tokyo 東京

June 1 –  July 22 2018

須田一政將於東京銀座的Akio Nagasawa Gallery帶來Childhood Day,展出這位日本攝影大師於70年代與80年代初所拍攝的昭和時代孩童作品。「過去的時光很美,而我們的童年是甜蜜的微小回憶,讓我們想要緊鎖在一個小小的珠寶盒中。」— 須田一政 Childhood Day 後話

Childhood Day shows Suda Issei’s fascinating photographs of the children in the Showa era he made in the 70s and the early 80s. “But past days are beautiful days, and the days of our childhood are sweet little memories that we’d want to lock away in a small jewelry box.” – Issei Suda Childhood Days afterword

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Li Yuan-Chia 李元佳
Speech Acts: Reflection-Imagination- Repetition
Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester 曼徹斯特
May 25 2018 – April 22 2019

以李元佳美術館為展覽核心,Speech Acts: Reflection-Imagination- Repetition展出超過40位藝術家的作品,意圖反映公共美術館是如何形塑集體想像力與探討展覽是如何影響的人們的共同敘事。

Taking Li Yuan-chia Museum as the core of the exhibition, Speech Acts: Reflection-Imagination- Repetition considers how public museums reflect and shape our collective imagination, and examines how exhibitions can affect these shared narratives through the work of more than 40 artists.

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Li Yuan-Chia 李元佳
Signals: If You Like I Shall Grow
Thomas Dane Gallery, London 倫敦
June 8 – July 21 2018

李元佳的作品將參展由kurimanzutto策劃,於倫敦Thomas Dane Gallery舉辦的Signals: If You Like I Shall Grow。借鏡曾短暫存在卻啟發未來Signal London精神,本展匯集了來自公眾與私人收藏,具歷史性且罕見的藝術作品。

Li Yuan-chia’s works are curated in the show Signals: If You Like I Shall Grow, conceived by kurimanzutto and hosted by Thomas Dane Gallery in London. The exhibition brings together historic works from public and private collections, including rarely seen works.

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鄧南光- Beauty on a Summer Day
Teng NanKuang : Beauty on a Summer Day
June 9 – July 15 2018
Opening Reception | June 9 Saturday 3 p.m.
Each Modern 亞紀畫廊